The Water Values Podcast

The Water Values Podcast series is presented in collaboration with Bluefield Research. This podcast series explores water issues from a variety of perspectives with the goal of uncovering the true value of water. Each episode will delve into one aspect of water, such as water utilities, water treatment, water resources, water reuse, and more.

Hosted by:
Dave McGimpsey


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:

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21 Sep 2021  |  Episode #198   |  Claudia Toussaint

Why ESG Needs to Guide Corporate Decision-Making with Claudia Toussaint 

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18 Dec 2018  |  Episode #138
with Todd Danielson, Paula Kehoe and Reese Tisdale

The Year in Water 2018

4 Dec 2018  |  Episode #137
with Ed Bourque

A Fresh Perspective on WASH and Related Issues

20 Nov 2018  |  Episode #136
with Pat Sinicropi

Water Reuse

6 Nov 2018  |  Episode #135
with AQUAOSO’s Chris Peacock

Water Resiliency for the Ag Economy

13 Oct 2018  |  Episode #134
with Peggy Gallos of the AEANJ

Challenges for Water and Sewer Utilities

2 Oct 2018  |  Episode #133
with Metropolitan’s Jeffrey Kightlinger

Resiliency and Regionalism in Southern California

18 Sep 2018  |  Episode #132
with Claudiu Murgan

Discussing Water Entanglement

4 Sep 2018  |  Episode #131
with Frank Burns

Managing Water Like Inventory

21 Aug 2018  |  Episode #130
with David Putnam

A Contractor’s Practical Thoughts on Sewer Overflows

7 Aug 2018  |  Episode #129
with Doug Hatler

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Water Utilities

17 Jul 2018  |  Episode #128
with Geoff Engelstein

How the Internet of Things Affects (and Will Affect) the Water Sector

3 Jul 2018  |  Episode #127
with Byron Druss

Maximizing Capital Plan Efficiency

15 May 2018  |  Episode #126
with Gary VerDouw

The Mechanics of Investor-Owned Utility Rate Cases

1 May 2018  |  Episode #125
with Jon Freedman

The Current State of US Water Infrastructure Policy

17 Apr 2018  |  Episode #124
with Burke Griggs

State Conflicts over Water Supply