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From PFAS to Consolidation, Key Water Market Developments Impacting Utility Strategies 

In this client presentation, Bluefield water experts presented an overview of the private water landscape—from the latest trends in investor-owned utility M&A to the key regulatory drivers impacting water utilities.

Reimagining Desalination with OceanWell’s Jonathan Haswell 

Jonathan Haswell, Chief Business Officer at OceanWell, delivers a fascinating discussion on OceanWell’s first of a kind approach to desalination. Jonathan discusses the advantages of the “water fa...

France PFAS Ban Advances Europe Remediation 

On 4 April, the French National Assembly unanimously approved a new bill that bans certain PFAS products as of 1 January 2026. France’s Regional Health Agencies will systematically test for PFAS in drinking water and impose a quality limit of 0.1 μg/L as part of the French PFAS Action Plan 2023–2027.

Three Industries Shaping Industrial Water Management 

Podcast host Reese Tisdale talks with Bluefield Analyst Amber Walsh to get the low down on top takeaways from Q2 industrial water analysis. Industrial water markets are seeing a lot of change—from r...

Long-Range Water Planning with INTERA’s David Jordan 

INTERA’s Western Water Resources Lead David Jordan provides a terrific look at the nuts and bolts of long-range water planning, including a discussion about how it has evolved over time, the impact ...
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Justin Hazard 

Prior to joining Bluefield, Justin studied at Wesleyan University in Connecticut where he conducted research on the electric vehicle industry. Justin has a BA in Economics from Wesleyan University wit...

U.S. & Canada Municipal Water: Key Trends, Deals, and Policy in Water Management, Q2 2024 

In April, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the long-awaited MCLs for six PFAS chemicals and laid out the implementation timelines for monitoring and compliance. Less than two weeks later, the EPA released a final ruling designating two PFAS chemicals (PFOA and PFOS) as hazardous substances under the CERCLA. Both actions are expected to face numerous lawsuits that could delay implementation.

Industrial Water: Key Trends, Deals, and Policy in Water Management, Q2 2024 

In the wake of population increases, evolving consumer preferences (i.e., plant-based foods), and a heightened focus on corporate sustainability (i.e., brand management), opportunities for water solutions providers are set to grow in parallel. As such, Bluefield has forecasted that the sector will invest US$112 billion in water management through the end of the decade—particularly in China, the U.S., and India.