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Why ESG Needs to Guide Corporate Decision-Making with Claudia Toussaint 

Claudia Toussaint, General Counsel of Xylem, provides a terrific discussion of ESG issues from the perspective of a publicly traded corporation’s general counsel. In a nutshell, Claudia describes ho...

U.S. Private Water: Key Trends, M&A Activity, and Market Outlook Q3 2021 

Given its record-breaking number of acquisition approvals, the second quarter of 2021 demonstrates continued growth in M&A for water & wastewater utilities. At this rate, 2021 acquisitions could surpass the 2020 total by the end of Q3, begging the question of whether the growing rate of acquisitions is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a more permanent market shift, or just more aggressive players in the market. 

State of the Digital Water Market: Key Takeaways from 2021 and A Look Ahead to 2022 

In Bluefield's latest client webcast, our digital water team presents their findings on the state of the digital water market, providing their perspective on market trends, dynamics, and emerging opportunities for vendors and utilities.

Tight Supply Chains Squeeze the Water Industry 

Companies across the water industry are feeling the effects of supply chain constraints, which are creating headwinds even as demand soars from 2020 levels. Key inputs such as plastic resin, iron and ...

Better Business? PepsiCo Looks to Reduce Water Consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa 

According to the World Economic Forum’s The Global Risks Report 2021, a “global risk” is defined as an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, can cause significant negative impact for ...

U.S. & Canada Municipal Water Key Trends, Policy Activity, and Market Outlook, Q3 2021 

Through the second quarter of 2021, the water sector has been bolstered by strong macro-economics. The COVID-19 recovery is palpable, as reflected in increased vaccination rates, an improving unemployment rate, and robust corporate revenues, although the end of the quarter was marked by looming fears of future shutdowns prompted by the Delta variant.

Water Reuse Gains Toehold in New York State 

The population of New York’s metropolitan area is placing significant stress on groundwater aquifers, the primary source of the area’s water supply. As a result, saltwater intrusion into these aquifers’ freshwater reserves is a growing concern for local water authorities. As New York State is still early in deploying solutions for more advanced water management, water reuse systems present a potential opportunity to slow, if not offset, the drawdown of water supplies.

U.S. West Grapples with Long-term Drought, Forced to Accept New Normal 

The megadrought plaguing the western United States continues to ravage water supplies and dependent industries particularly in the Colorado River basin. Water levels at the two largest reservoirs in the U.S. (Lake Mead in Nevada-Arizona and Lake Powell in Arizona-Utah) reflect the effects of the prolonged, 20-year drought and are now driving unprecedented actions such as those initiated on 8 August 2021 by the Federal Bureau of Land Management to cut state water allocations from the Colorado River.

Telecom Firms Converge on $143 Billion Digital Water Market Opportunity 

Boston, Massachusetts: Amidst increased demand for digital solutions from water utilities and industrial firms, a host of telecommunications companies are responding with dedicated strategies to capit...