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U.S. & Canada Municipal Water Outlook: Utility CAPEX & OPEX Forecasts, 2022–2030 

Bluefield’s team of water experts provides a timely assessment of the U.S. & Canada water market outlook at a moment of change, evaluating the impact of current inflationary and recessionary forces, funding initiatives, and labor & supply chain dynamics on utility CAPEX and OPEX from 2022 to 2030.

Industrial Water: Key Trends, Deals, and Policy in Water Management, Q4 2022 

Bluefield has observed water risks being a larger focal point in industrial water strategies and planning measures. Sourcing alternative water supplies and investing in water management improvements have become increasingly common in the Industrial Water sector.

Corporate Sustainability: Water Management Targets and Goals, 2022 

The establishment of water-related goals and management strategies within corporate sustainability plans is increasingly evident, globally. Motivated by myriad pain points ranging from water risks, operations, and energy usage to investor calls for action (i.e., ESG) and branding, corporate leadership teams are being compelled to shine light on their respective water usage management practices.

What’s Behind the Rise in Private Participation in Water? 

Shaped by a growing demand for water & wastewater infrastructure investment and an increasingly favorable policy landscape, private participation among U.S. utilities is on the rise. BluefieldR...

Inside the Profits of Distrust with Manny Teodoro 

Manny Teodoro returns to discuss his new co-authored book, The Profits of Distrust. Manny lends his keen insights and explains the tenets of the book in a clear and concise manner. His findings, ...

Top Companies in Water: Financial Signals and Market Trends, Q3 2022 

Bluefield's team of water experts supports clients with ongoing quarterly analysis of identifiable trends and market signals highlighted in the financial reports (e.g., 10–K, 10–Q), investor calls, and presentations of publicly traded companies holding positions in water, wastewater, and stormwater for the municipal and industrial sectors. 

U.S. & Canada Municipal Capital Improvement Plans: Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Utility Budget Outlook, 2022–2030 

Companies across the water industry value chain are always seeking an edge to better position their products and solutions against their peers. Bluefield supports companies with bottom-up data collection and analysis of the capital improvement plans (CIPs) of more than 700 large and mid-sized water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities across the U.S. and Canada.