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Cybersecurity for Water Utilities with Dentons Partner Kyle Miller 

Dave’s law partner at Dentons, Kyle Miller, is a cybersecurity and data privacy lawyer who provides a tremendous discussion on a wide range of cybersecurity issues for water utilities. Water utiliti...

Europe’s Proactive Policy Approach Advances US$476 Billion Water & Wastewater CAPEX Outlook by 2030 

Barcelona, Spain, 14 February 2024: Europe’s water sector is pivoting toward a more sustainable, resilient future through national policy incentives, creative financing mechanisms, and digital techn...

What’s the State of Private Participation in Water? 

Reese Tisdale is joined by Bluefield Senior Analyst Charlie Suse to discuss recent research on Investor-Owned Utilities in water. Reese and Charlie spell out Bluefield’s definition of “Pri...

Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act: Tracking the Spending, Q1 2024 

On 15 November 2021, the US$1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was passed, ushering in substantial federal funding to bolster the nation's infrastructure. The funding package comprises up to US$63 billion for Water Infrastructure and Western Water Infrastructure appropriations.

Private Equity’s Role in Digital Water: Investor Strategies and Competitive Positioning 

The global private equity sector has grown thirteenfold since 2000, wielding increasing influence over critical infrastructure sectors. This includes strategic investments in water and wastewater services, from technology to more tangible assets like utilities and desalination plants. Amid this change, the proliferation of digital technologies across the water industry has opened new growth avenues for select PE investors.

Pennon Group Braves U.K. Market Turbulence 

On 10 January 2024, Pennon Group—an LSE-listed company active in the English water & wastewater utility and retail markets—announced it had completed the 100% acquisition of Sutton and East Surrey Water (SES) and other ancillary businesses for £89 million (US$113.3 million) from Sumitomo Corporation and Osaka Gas. The deal, subject to a competition authority review, values SES at £380 million (US$483.7 million).

Europe Municipal Water & Wastewater: CAPEX Market Forecasts, 2024–2030 

Bluefield forecasts a total cumulative US$476 billion in water & wastewater infrastructure CAPEX investment in Europe from 2024 to 2030, scaling from US$60 billion annually in 2024 to approximately US$75 billion in 2030, with a 2% compound annual growth rate marked by strong regional differences.

Sustainable Water Supply with Eastern’s General Manager Joe Mouawad 

Eastern Municipal Water District (Eastern) General Manager, Joe Mouawad, provides a fantastic discussion of Eastern’s Purified Groundwater Replenishment Program and its attendant benefits, as well a...

Mapping the Global Digital Water Vendor Landscape: 2024 Update 

The future of water is digital. As utilities and industry face challenges such as aging infrastructure, demographic shifts, and climate change, the industry is looking toward innovative solutions to manage current challenges and future-proof their systems.

U.S. Private Water: Key Trends, M&A Activity, and Market Outlook, Q1 2024 

Economic uncertainty reflected in an 8% decline in M&A. Investor-owned utilities, municipalities, and a handful of other buyers tallied 140 approved acquisitions during 2023. This marks a two-year decline in annual deal flow following a record number of acquisitions in 2021.