Our Team


Our team of experts has decades of experience providing market insights to critical infrastructure providers.

Our spheres of expertise include market entry strategies, competitive analysis, funding strategies, and benchmarking. The team’s global perspective and demonstrated research methodology enable us to support our clients’ strategic decisions in an increasingly competitive and evolving water landscape.

Bluefield Water Experts

Steph Aldock
Senior Marketing Director
William W. Ambrose
John Berryman
Sales Director
Eric Bindler
Senior Research Director
Maria Cardenal
Akshay Deshmukh
Data Analyst
Ethan Edwards
Senior Analyst
Greg Goodwin
Senior Research Director
Keith Hays
VP & Managing Director
Justin Hazard
Sales Associate
Chloé Meyer
Senior Research Director
Zineb Moumen
Christine Ow
Ryan Sullivan
Marketing Coordinator
Charlie Suse
Senior Analyst
Kelli Talbot
Editorial & Content Director
F. Reese Tisdale
President & CEO
Amber Walsh
Senior Analyst
Dovile Vaiciunaite
Sales Associate

Advance your water strategy with focused market intelligence.