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Aquapor Deal Extends Saur’s International Reach

On 11 January 2021, private water utility group Saur reached an agreement with DST Ambiente to acquire Criar Vantagens, the company owning 100% of Aquapor Serviços, S.A.... »

09 Feb 2021

Forecasting Municipal Operating Expenditures (OPEX) in Post-COVID World, 2021-2030

Operating expenditures (OPEX) for municipal utilities in the U.S. are forecasted to surpass US$1.06 trillion over the next decade to address growing demands on water & wastewater services and infrastructure assets.... »

23 Feb 2021 All services

What the Data Tells: Key Insights to Drive Your Water Strategy

Bluefield water experts showcase top datasets that they rely on to identify market trends and emerging shifts in key water industry verticals—municipal, industrial, digital—in 2021 and beyond. ... »

Electric Vehicle Makeover to Alter Water Footprint for Automotive Industry

Quebec City, Canada-based H2O Innovation announced an engineering contract with U.S.-based automaker Tesla. H2O Innovation’s Water Technologies & Services business unit will design two reverse osmosis water treatment trains... »

Global Headwinds Set Black & Veatch Water on New Course

Black & Veatch’s recent organizational changes in water highlight underlying market shifts that are influencing engineering firms’ strategies, globally. For instance, utility service providers in the privately... »

U.S. & Canada Municipal Water: Key Trends, Policy Activity, and Market Outlook, Q1 2021

While COVID-19 recovery and near-term administration changes are anticipated, companies across the municipal water sector value chain are weighing opportunities for resilience and growth ... »

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Forecasting Municipal Operating Expenditures (OPEX) in Post-COVID World, 2021-2030

Bluefield Research’s in-depth analyses of utility budgets, historical trends, and pandemic-related disruptions signal a potential US$57.5 billion change over the forecast period.

This soon-to-be-released Focus Report is aimed at helping utilities, investors, and vendors quantitatively understand the market size, future opportunities, and business risks associated with utility operations and services. >>Learn more

Digital Water: Key Trends, Project Activity, and Market Outlook, Q4 2020

Custom guidance to address targeted opportunities and challenges across the municipal and industrial water landscapes

New Market Insight: Do FMV Policies Drive Water & Wastewater Utility Acquisitions?

Future of Water Podcast: The Role of Private Equity in Water

Big Week for Water! Three 1 million dollar deals: New Mountain Capital acquires @Aegion ($963M), @autodesk acquires @Innovyze ($1B) and @QUIKRETE acquires @Forterrabp ($2.7B). We discuss the first in new podcast...#WaterDeals

02 Mar 2021 • The Water Values
Wastewater Innovation & Microscopy with Bryan Arndt

23 Feb 2021 • Future of Water
Digging into the Aegion/New Mountain Megadeal

17 Feb 2021 Critical Sector Needs Better Cyber Security

29 Jan 2021 Digital water project activity rebounds 11% in the U.S. and signals bright spot amidst pandemic