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Global Industrial Water Market Overview

More flexible vendor offerings, enabled by digital solutions, and more complex water management are driving new opportunities in the global industrial water sector.

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Bluefield's Predictions for Water in 2024

What’s In, What’s Out for Water?

Standing on the precipice of a new year, the water industry finds itself, once again, at a crossroads of tradition and transformation. This year represents a pivotal juncture for water industry stakeholders across the value chain.


What Is the Total Addressable Market for U.S. Water & Wastewater Utilities?

Bluefield’s TAM analysis sizes this market opportunity and estimates utility ownership of the country’s 183 million customer connections at US$977 billion.


The Role of 8 Japanese Trading Houses in Water

These companies are global, with positions in key markets geographically, and are a unique group with a number of investments in water. Listen to the latest episode of The Future of Water to learn what role Japanese trading houses play in driving technological advancements and innovations in water management?


March Client Webcast: A Regional Outlook on Europe's Water Sector

Europe Lays the Foundations for the Water Sector’s Complex Future: Bluefield 2024 Regional Outlook

Join Bluefield’s water experts as they present on their 2024–2030 Europe municipal water CAPEX forecasts and deliver an overview of the state of Europe’s water market, investment drivers, technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, funding structures and cost-recovery strategies.


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Marty Kropelnicki
President & CEO, California Water Service Group

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