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28 Sep 2020

Engineering a Digital Water Future: EPC Strategies in an Accelerating Market Landscape

EPCs are taking on a leading role in digital water. In response to the shifting landscape, select EPCs are taking on new roles as digital water solutions providers... »

24 Sep 2020 All services

Addressing Market Uncertainty: Revised Water Sector Forecasts

Bluefield water experts recently presented a client-exclusive webcast showcasing Bluefield’s revised market forecasts for key water & wastewater industry verticals—U.S. and global—for treatment & network infrastructure... »

Trenchless Players Move to Redefine Pipe Market: Forecasts, Competitive Positioning, and Water Market Trends

The 2.2 million miles of drinking water pipe and 1.8 million miles of wastewater pipe installed across the U.S. vary significantly in age and material type. With current annual replacement rates less than 1% and looming ... »

Is U.S. Private Water Poised for Shakeup at the Top?

On 31 August 2020, Veolia made an unsolicited offer to acquire 29.9% of Engie’s shares of Suez. The offer came in at €15.50 per share—50% over the closing price of Suez... »

Digital Water: Key Trends, Project Activity, and Market Outlook, Q3 2020

After seeing record growth in the first quarter of 2020, the global digital water market felt the full force of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated economic downturn in Q2 2020.... »

Key Trends in Digital Water

Bluefield's digital water expert, Eric Bindler, presents his key findings on trends in the digital water sector.... »

Thinking Strategically about the Business of Water Reuse

Water reuse is taking off in states facing scarcity and the return of drought conditions. Municipal wastewater reuse capacity is expected to dramatically increase over the next six years,... »

Advanced Water Treatment: Sizing the U.S. Membrane Market

The market for membranes in the U.S. municipal drinking water space is expected to grow substantially over the next decade, driven by regulatory push and an increasing number... »

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New Bluefield Podcast

 Is Veolia Suez Marriage Good for Water Sector? 

Reese Tisdale sits down with Bluefield Vice President Keith Hays to talk about what we call “Big Water.” Veolia and Suez, two of the largest water solutions providers in the world are in merger negotiations again.  In this podcast, our water experts discuss their perspectives on the proposed deal, the companies themselves, and more importantly, whether a marriage between the two water behemoths is a good, or bad thing for the water industry.

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New Analyst Presentation: Key Trends in Digital Water

Analyst Presentation: Thinking Strategically about the Business of Water Reuse

The Future of Water Podcast: Let's Make a Deal

New Webcast: Addressing Market Uncertainty: Bluefield's Revised Water Sector Forecasts

The world has changed so much since March, and as a result, we've updated our forecasts. What’s the new outlook for municipal, industrial and digital water? Join our water experts for this exclusive client webcast: #WaterStrategy #WaterInsights

21 Sep 2020 • Future of Water
Is Veolia Suez Marriage Good for the Water Sector?

15 Sep 2020 • The Water Values
The Evolution of a Water Start-Up

23 Sep 2020 Remote Monitoring Mitigates Emergencies

22 Sep 2020 Economic Uncertainty to Propel $52 Billion Trenchless Technology Water & Wastewater Opportunity