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Is Paris’s Stormwater Management the Real Olympic Challenge?

On 26 July, the city of Paris will open the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and water will be front and center. The Seine River, which flows 13 kilometers through the city from east to west, plays a significant role in this year’s Games. Will the Seine be clean enough to allow athletes to swim in it?



U.S. Stormwater Infrastructure Market: Key Drivers, Competitive Shifts & Investment Outlook, 2024–2030

This Insight Report and accompanying data dashboard provide a comprehensive evaluation of the U.S. stormwater infrastructure market landscape, including market drivers, trends, forecasts, and company profiles of 30 leading stormwater infrastructure and equipment suppliers.


Answering Ten Burning Questions about the Private Water Industry

Podcast host Reese Tisdale and Senior Analyst Charlie Suse answer questions from clients providing in-depth insights into key private water market developments. Topics discussed range from PFAS maximum contaminant level compliance to rate relief for consolidators to workforce development to the future trajectory of the non-regulated private water market.

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