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Data underpins Bluefield’s breadth of insight reports and analysis. Our Data Navigator supports corporate subscription clients with direct access to a range of water market data—projects, M&A, forecasts—through an interactive, flexible platform. Data visualization and customizable dashboards enable users to more easily interpret key trends and unique insights to support strategic planning, business development, and boardroom presentations.

Data helps leaders address key questions
impacting global water markets and strategies.

  • What is the growth outlook for digital water solutions by segment and geography?
  • What role does water play in corporate sustainability targets & strategies?
  • How much are utilities budgeting for hardware & equipment spend?
  • What do quarterly M&A deals indicate about the competitive landscape?

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Bluefield has successfully transformed a challenging wastewater dataset into a valuable resource. I’m very impressed by this dashboard.

Director, Water Sector, Esri

Some of the best water data I’ve found.

Joseph Kelley Business Process Analyst, Basin Lands

Water Market Data

Guiding client decisions with relevant water market data

Market Forecasts 

  • Digital (U.S. & Canada / Global)
  • CAPEX (U.S. & Canada / Global)
  • U.S. Utility OPEX
  • Municipal Pipe Network & Materials
  • PFAS Drinking Water Remediation
  • Industrial Water
  • Water Reuse
  • Water for Hydraulic Fracturing

M&A / Investment 

  • Digital Water Deals
  • Digital Water Venture Capital Investment
  • Water Technology, Equipment & Services Deals
  • Investor-Owned Utility Deals
  • Midstream Water (Oil + Gas) Deals

Project Data 

  • Utility Third-Party O&M Contracts
  • Water Reuse Systems
  • Global Desalination Projects
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Industrial & Municipal Consent Decrees
  • Military O&M Contracts
  • Digital Technology Projects
  • Industrial Facilities (U.S.)

Utility & Facility Data 

  • Water Utilities (U.S.)
  • Wastewater Facilities (U.S.)
  • Utility Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs)
  • State Revolving Fund Requests
  • Investor-Owned Utility Profiles
  • Australian Utility Profiles
  • Industrial & Municipal Consent Decrees
  • Industrial Facilities (U.S.)

Company Analysis 

  • Desalination Ownership Rankings
  • Top Water Company Revenue Rankings
  • Material & Pricing Indices
  • Municipal & Industrial Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Corporate Sustainability Metrics (Water)


  • Customizable
  • Flexible
  • Data visualization
  • Interactive
  • Filter and download
  • Real time updates
  • Online access
  • Save time & resources

Bluefield’s Data Navigator platform offers layers of water market intelligence that have a positive impact on our business development strategy. The ability to drill down to the project level in capital improvement plans [CIP], while understanding a larger scope, allows us to efficiently evaluate addressable and identifiable opportunities with greater confidence.

Manager, Water Markets & Strategy, Kiewit
As most people know, Amazon is a very data-driven culture. Having the depth of market intelligence and the ability to dive deep into the Bluefield Navigator has been invaluable to our team. We are able to quickly generate defensible insights that guide our decision-making process.

Worldwide Head of Development, AWS Water
Bluefield has successfully transformed a challenging wastewater dataset into a valuable resource. I’m very impressed by this dashboard.

Director, Water Sector, Esri

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