Why ESG Needs to Guide Corporate Decision-Making with Claudia Toussaint

21 Sep 2021  |  Episode #198  |  with Claudia Toussaint

Claudia Toussaint, General Counsel of Xylem, provides a terrific discussion of ESG issues from the perspective of a publicly traded corporation’s general counsel. In a nutshell, Claudia describes how little acorns of ESG can grow into mighty oaks when corporate boards use ESG to guide their business strategies.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Claudia’s unique background
  • What ESG is from a publicly traded company’s perspective
  • Why the water sector is so central to ESG issues
  • How sustainability has morphed from primarily being an environmental concept to a business and social concept
  • Why an entity’s business strategy needs to align with its sustainability strategy
  • The ESG issues involved in the Exxon Mobil proxy fight
  • Why ESG needs to be front and center for publicly traded companies (guess what – the logic applies to all businesses!)
  • Why it is critical for corporate boards to have an ESG strategy
  • How ESG supports a corporation’s access to capital and lowers the cost of capital
  • How ESG supports a corporation’s workforce and the corporation’s strategic direction
  • How businesses measure ESG
  • Why Claudia thinks the water sector can lead on ESG

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