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Stay ahead of key market trends impacting your organization. Our team of water experts is at the leading edge of an industry transformation and supports decision-makers with critical market insights. Bluefield’s webcast series addresses a range of topics, including market forecasts, regulatory shifts, municipal and industrial demand drivers, and emerging factors influencing changes across the industry value chain. Insight Service clients benefit from these interactive webcast dialogues with our team and gain full access to the presentations, recordings, and Q&A.

What Do We Think about… When We Think about Water? 09 June 2021

The water sector is undergoing significant change, much of which is propelled by external drivers outside of the traditional utility business model.... »

7 Key Factors Influencing Total Municipal Water Utility Expenditures (TOTEX) 20 April 2021

In this client webcast, Bluefield water experts showcase revised CAPEX and OPEX outlooks and how they have changed over the course of the last year. Research Director, Erin Bonney Casey and Senior Analyst, Mariel Marchand ... »

What the Data Tells Us: Key Insights to Drive Your Water Strategy 23 February 2021

Bluefield water experts showcase top datasets that they rely on to identify market trends and emerging shifts in key water industry verticals—municipal, industrial, digital—in 2021 and beyond. ... »

Competitive Trends in the Digital Water Market 17 November 2020

Bluefield’s water experts recently presented their analysis on the global competitive landscape for digital water solutions, with a focus on the leading players and their strategic positions within the sector.... »

Addressing Market Uncertainty: Revised Water Sector Forecasts 24 September 2020

Bluefield water experts recently presented a client-exclusive webcast showcasing Bluefield’s revised market forecasts for key water & wastewater industry verticals—U.S. and global—for treatment & network infrastructure... »

Addressing Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Today’s Water Market 15 July 2020

Addressing contaminants of emerging concern in today's water market is the hot topic discussed in this new webcast. Bluefield's water experts recently presented a webcast for clients addressing the potential impacts of... »

Global Investment Trends and Opportunities in Water 16 June 2020

This webcast presented by Bluefield’s team addresses how will opportunities in the market shift post-COVID shock? Bluefield’s Insight Service clients receive full access to the... »

Is a Municipal Water Ownership Shakeup on the Horizon? 15 May 2020

Bluefield's water experts recently presented a webcast for clients assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the private water sector. The discussion addresses key questions... »

Covid-19 & the Future of Water: Reframing Company Strategies and Investment Opportunities 08 April 2020

Bluefield's water experts recently presented a webcast for clients assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the future of water. With the impact of Covid-19 yet to be fully realized... »

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