Ensuring One Water Delivers for Healthy Waterways with Jennifer Walker

16 Feb 2021  |  Episode #186  |  with Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker, the Deputy Director for the National Wildlife Federation’s Texas Coast and Water Program, provides a terrific discussion about urban water planning through a One Water lens and focuses on the connection between One Water and healthy waterways. It’s a great listen for those interested in their community’s water resources!

In this session, you’ll learn about: 

  • Why urban water planning is important to protecting fish and wildlife habitat
  • How a drought caused Jennifer to turn to urban water planning and One Water
  • What healthy waterways are
  • Why healthy waterways are important
  • The four steps of a healthy waterways plan
  • Samples of Healthy Waterways / One Water plans from around the country
  • Jennifer’s thoughts on ensuring plans move from paper to implementation
  • Why water planning is so important for communities and fish & wildlife habitat

Resources and links mentioned in or relevant to this session include: 

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