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Episode #189 — 06 April 2021 Start Up to Publicly Traded & the State of Water Technology with Xylem’s Christine Boyle

with Christine Boyle

Christine Boyle returns after 5 years and discusses her journey from 2015 start-up to 2018 sale. She provides hints and valuable insights for start-ups to make it through the “valley of death” and much more. Plus, Bluefield Research’s President, Reese Tisdale, joins us for another Bluefield on Tap segment talking about President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Christine’s journey from start-up to sale to life inside a publicly traded company
  • Why Christine made the decision to sell Valor Water to Xylem
  • Practical advice for start-ups on how to build trust with clients
  • Christine’s take on how digital water has changed over the last 5 years
  • Where Christine thinks digital water is going
  • How small- and medium-size utilities can take advantage of digital water
  • Christine’s role in the technology incubator within Xylem
  • Innovations Christine saw take off during the pandemic
  • Christine’s view of digital water and cybersecurity
  • How innovation ecosystems in start-ups and big companies compare and contrast
  • The issues on Christine’s priority list for innovation going forward

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