Corralling Water Data with Meena Sankaran

4 May 2021  |  Episode #191  |  with Meena Sankaran

Water entrepreneur (and new mom) Meena Sankaran discusses data collection and usage in the water sector. She provides fascinating perspectives on everything from driving the digital transformation to common data gaps to cybersecurity. Get ready for a terrific interview from Meena!

In this session, you’ll learn about: 

  • Meena’s upbringing in India and its impact on her work in water today
  • Meena’s view on the use of data in the water sector
  • Why upcoming workforce retirements should drive the digital transformation
  • Meena’s insights into managing data
  • How to figure out what data is important
  • Common data gaps
  • The difference between qualitative and quantitative data gaps
  • Getting employees to buy into the digital transformation
  • Data collection and management inside the fence versus outside the fence
  • Meena’s thoughts on cybersecurity in the water sector

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