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Episode #193 — 01 June 2021 Synthetic Aperture Radar and Its Fascinating Applications in the Water Sector with James Perry

with James Perry

James Perry of Utilis joins us to discuss Synthetic Aperture Radar and its many and varied applications in the water sector. James provides a wealth of information about how the technology developed to its cost-effective use and application in the water sector. Plus, Reese Tisdale of Bluefield Research provides more water industry insights on the California drought and how utilities are bringing climate adaptation experience learned in California to other regions of the United States.

In this session, you’ll learn about: 

  • Jim’s background in big public companies and start-ups
  • What synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is
  • How SAR works
  • How SAR can find the “underground signature” of water
  • How SAR mapping can help identify where leaks occur in a water system
  • The types of leaks SAR mapping can identify, from slow drips to large main breaks
  • How SAR mapping allows system surveys to allow utilities to target problem leak areas
  • Utilis’ experience as to where the infrastructure is leaking (mains, service lines, meters, hydrants, valves, etc. – the answer might surprise you)
  • Additional uses for SAR like alternative supply locations, soil moisture monitoring, earthen dam monitoring, wastewater leakage, and much more
  • How utilities using SAR experience a 6 month ROI

Resources and links mentioned in or relevant to this session include: 

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