About Bluefield Research


We advance strategies for utilities, companies, and organizations addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

Our focus is water

A team of analysts are exclusively focused on water, wastewater & stormwater across global industrial and municipal sectors.

We deliver insights

Independent market research and analysis without the distractions and influences of event management, news distribution, and corporate sponsorships.

Our perspectives are global

Our team of water experts applies a range of experiences from business, engineering, and infrastructure (e.g., energy, power, telecom) and regulatory sectors to global water infrastructure markets.

Transparency is critical

We don’t leave you guessing. Client stakeholders can confidently apply our data and insights to their own strategic planning sessions, board meetings, and earnings calls because our research methodology is transparent.

Proprietary data

We know companies are often challenged by a lack of high quality, reliable analysis in water, so we have built our own data sets and interactive dashboards to help you bridge the gap.

Access to analysts

Ongoing client support, including one-on-one calls, team workshops, and board meeting discussions, strengthen our clients’ market knowledge and decision making processes.

We believe that water is the most pressing issue facing our generation.

Maintaining the status quo in management, investment, and operations is no longer an option, requiring new strategies, alternative business models, and innovative solutions. Bluefield was founded to be at the leading edge of this change and guide water strategies going forward.

Water market intelligence designed to match client needs.

Three distinctive products include:

Corporate Subscriptions for ongoing analysis and analyst support

Insight Reports available for off-the-shelf purchase

Consulting Services to address client-specific questions

At any level, Bluefield delivers robust, in-depth data and analysis not provided anywhere else in the water sector.

Bluefield’s analysis was a huge help in explaining to the executive team the background for municipal water as to where we play, and where we traditionally target M&A—and the white spaces in between. Lots of things for us to consider moving forward.

Jonathan P. Brinks Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy, Mueller

We save considerable time and resources preparing for company presentations and board meetings by leveraging Bluefield’s team of analysts and their data and insights into key water sector trends.

Marty Kropelnicki President & CEO, California Water Service Group

Advance your water strategy with focused market intelligence.