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Competitive Trends in the Digital Water Market

17 November 2020

Bluefield’s water experts presented their analysis on the global competitive landscape for digital water solutions, with a focus on the leading players and their strategic positions within the sector. Topics of discussion include key competitive trends within the fast-growing digital water market, including M&A and venture investment, the role played by engineering consultancies and private equity firms, and the potential for disruption by new market entrants.

Key questions addressed:

  • Who are the leading players in the global digital water market, and how have they built their product portfolios and strategic positions?
  • What role do engineering consultancies (EPCs) play in the digital water market, and how have they positioned across the digital water landscape?
  • What role do private equity (PE) firms play in the digital water market, and what is their track record in the sector?
  • Who are the primary “outsiders looking in” to watch in the digital water market, and how might they disrupt the competitive landscape?

Companies Mentioned

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"What is unique is that the proposed spending reflects greater focus on #digitalwater than we’ve seen to date. In particular, #cybersecurity represents a central focus." @ErinBonneyCasey on the Drinking Water Infrastructure Act #DWWIA @Aquatech

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