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7 Key Factors Influencing Total Municipal Water Utility Expenditures (TOTEX)

In this client webcast, Bluefield’s water experts showcase revised CAPEX and OPEX outlooks and how they have changed over the course of the last year. Research Director, Erin Bonney Casey and Senior Analyst, Mariel Marchand outline the key factors influencing market shifts and outlook.

4 key questions answered in this webcast:

  • What are the drivers and inhibitors to TOTEX Forecasts?
  • Which macroeconomic indicators have the biggest impacts on Bluefield CAPEX and OPEX forecasts?
  • What are the emerging opportunities along the industry value chain within municipal spend?
  • How do expenditures vary by utility characteristics such as geography, size, and operating models?


Erin Bonney Casey
Research Director
Municipal Water


Mariel Marchand
Senior Analyst
Private Water


Reese Tisdale


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