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Covid-19 & the Future of Water: Reframing Company Strategies and Investment Opportunities

08 April 2020
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In this webcast presentation, Bluefield’s team of water experts address potential impacts of Covid-19 on the water industry and the related economic fallout.  Bluefield’s Insight Service clients receive full access to the presentation (pdf), the webcast recording (audio & video), and Q&A (pdf), including questions from attendees that were not addressed during the webcast.

It’s still early in what is clearly a fast-moving situation with the impact of Covid-19 yet to be fully realized and Bluefield has been discussing the impacts of a “potential” recession for some time.

Over the last twelve or so months, the economy has been signaling a downturn: energy companies have struggled in upstream U.S. oil & gas, industrial markets have softened, we have seen geopolitical disruption, and increasing concerns about a pullback from a decade-long bull run, among other things.

What is different now is that both sides of the supply & demand equation evaporated overnight. At Bluefield, we are analyzing the impacts of COVID-19 on the water market.

Key questions addressed in this presentation:

  • How does this crisis change the outlook for CAPEX and OPEX for municipal water?
  • What can we learn from past recessions to guide us?
  • How will industrial pullback impact water management strategies?
  • Will digital solutions—workforce management and remote monitoring—accelerate going forward?
  • What are the impacts for companies across the water value chain?

At this early stage of the pandemic and economic disruption, Bluefield’s team delivers focused presentations for individual clients to address their specific questions and potential impacts on their respective businesses.  We are here to help, so please contact us at  to arrange a call.

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