Opportunities in the U.S. Private Water Market

27 Jul 2023
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Bluefield was pleased to collaborate with NAWC on this Webcast. 

With over 70,000 water & wastewater utilities across the U.S., calls for consolidation are on the rise as a solution to the sector’s fragmented landscape. Bluefield’s team of water experts presented an overview of the total addressable market for utility consolidation and the latest trends in the U.S. private water market—from emerging strategies in investor-owned utility M&A to operations and maintenance contracts.

Key questions addressed in this presentation:

  • What are the emerging M&A strategies being implemented by leading investor-owned utilities?
  • What are the opportunities for consolidation in the water & wastewater utility sector?
  • How do leading IOU ownership market shares break out across water versus wastewater sectors?
  • How has the operations & maintenance market evolved over the past couple of years and what factors are driving it?

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