Addressing Market Uncertainty: Revised Water Sector Forecasts

24 Sep 2020

Bluefield water experts recently presented a client-exclusive webcast showcasing Bluefield’s revised market forecasts for key water & wastewater industry verticals—U.S. and global—for treatment & network infrastructure, industrial water management, and digital water. Bluefield’s Insight Service clients receive full access to the presentation (pdf) and the webinar recording (audio & video).

Key questions addressed in this presentation:

  • How is the economic downturn impacting Bluefield’s core market verticals: municipal water, industrial water, digital water?
  • How are changing indicators (unemployment, GDP, housing starts, capital spending) shaping Bluefield’s outlook moving forward?
  • What states and countries have been hardest hit and which are poised for recovery, including water sector spend?
  • Which segments present opportunities for growth?
  • What are critical signposts to look for in the coming months that could alter water market forecasts?

Bluefield’s team delivers focused presentations for individual clients to address their specific questions and potential impacts on their respective businesses.  We are here to help, so please contact us at  to arrange a call.