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Bluefield Team

Bluefield’s team of experts has decades of experience in providing value-added insights to global energy, power, technology, and water companies across the value chain. Our spheres of expertise include market entry strategies, competitive analysis, funding strategies, and benchmarking. The team’s global perspective and demonstrated research methodology enable us to support our clients’ strategic decisions in an increasingly competitive and evolving water landscape.

Eugenia Acosta
Applied Research Consultant
Steph Aldock
Marketing Director
Anna Cullen
Research Analyst
Eric Bindler
Research Director
Erin Bonney Casey
Research Director
Greg Goodwin
Applied Research Consultant
Allison Hand
Research Analyst
Keith Hays
VP & Managing Director
Matthew LoStocco
Applied Research Consultant
Wes McDaniel
Sales Manager
Alicia Morrison
Applied Research Consultant
Nina Aya Rossiter
Research Analyst
Sophie Pesek
Research Analyst
F. Reese Tisdale
President & CEO

Digital is the fastest growing segment of municipal water: utility spending on hardware, software, and digitally-enabled professional services will reach $92 billion by 2030 (New US & Canada Digital Water Forecasts) #DigitalWater #FutureofWater

Utility Management Conference
Feb 25-28, 2020 / Anaheim, CA 

WEX Global 2020
March 2-4 / Valencia, Spain

21 Jan 2020 Municipal Pipe Market Turns to New Technologies to Address Aging Water Infrastructure

15 Jan 2020 Looking to 2020 and Beyond: Key Trends and Perspectives in Global Water Markets