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Addressing Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Today’s Water Market

15 July 2020

 Bluefield’s Insight Service clients receive full access to the presentation (pdf), the webinar recording (audio & video), and Q&A (pdf), including questions from attendees that were not addressed during the webcast.

Addressing contaminants of emerging concern in today’s water market is the hot topic discussed in this new webcast. Bluefield’s water experts recently presented a webcast for clients addressing the potential impacts of an economic downturn on municipal advanced water treatment in the U.S. At the center of this discussion are capital expenditure trends, utility sources of capital, and regulatory drivers.

Key questions addressed in this webcast:

  • How will an economic downturn shape advanced treatment going forward?
  • Which funding sources for utilities are now exposed to recent economic shifts?
  • What technologies are poised to benefit most from PFAS remediation?


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