The Water Values Podcast

The Water Values Podcast series is presented in collaboration with Bluefield Research. This podcast series explores water issues from a variety of perspectives with the goal of uncovering the true value of water. Each episode will delve into one aspect of water, such as water utilities, water treatment, water resources, water reuse, and more.

Hosted by:
Dave McGimpsey


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:


For sponsorship opportunities or to send us topic ideas, contact us:

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21 Sep 2021  |  Episode #198   |  Claudia Toussaint

Why ESG Needs to Guide Corporate Decision-Making with Claudia Toussaint 

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21 Apr 2020  |  Episode #168
with SmartCover Systems CEO Greg Quist

Building Smarter Sewers

7 Apr 2020  |  Episode #167
with AWWA President Jim Williams

Utility COVID-19 Response and Long-Term Impacts

17 Mar 2020  |  Episode #166
with Austin Thompson

Challenges with and Innovations in Small Utility Systems

3 Mar 2020  |  Episode #165
with Brian Iversen

Private Equity in the Water Sector with Cimbria Capital

18 Feb 2020  |  Episode #164
with Khris Dodson

Workforce Development for Water Utilities

4 Feb 2020  |  Episode #163
with Peter Lake

TWDB Chairman Peter Lake Talks Texas Water

26 Jan 2020  |  Episode #162
with Seth Seigel

Troubled Water

7 Jan 2020  |  Episode #161
with George Hawkins

Moonshot Missions & the Modules that Can Optimize Utilities

18 Dec 2019  |  Episode #160
with Jeff Kightlinger, Sielen Namdar and Reese Tisdale

The Year in Water 2019

5 Dec 2019  |  Episode #159
with Walt Walker, P.E.

The Work of Engineers Without Borders

19 Nov 2019  |  Episode #158
with JP Joly

Tips for Avoiding Financial Heartburn for Your Utility

5 Nov 2019  |  Episode #157
with Aquacycl's Orianna Bretschger

Scalable, Modular, Onsite Wastewater Treatment

15 Oct 2019  |  Episode #156
with Marty Wessler

Indiana’s Water Infrastructure Task Force

1 Oct 2019  |  Episode #155
with Tony Parrott and Sharise Horne

Water Equity in Louisville

17 Sep 2019  |  Episode #154
with Rocky Holliday

The Story of Watership Blue and Ship-to-Shore Desalination