The Birth, Life, and Death of Lakes with Professor John Richard Saylor

17 Jan 2023  |  Episode #228  |  with John Richard Saylor

John Richard Saylor, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University, provides a fascinating look at lakes and things you didn’t know about them. He provides examples of unique lakes around the world and offers a warning about natural resources and the human tendency to deplete them.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The unique circumstances that brought Prof. Saylor to lake research
  • Prof. Saylor’s lake research and some fascinating aspects of lakes
  • How lakes store carbon dioxide and can cause an explosion of the lake
  • What causes thermal stratification of lakes
  • What Carolina Bays are and the mystery behind how they were formed
  • Subglacial lakes and how chemosynthesis drives lake ecology
  • How subglacial lakes were formed and were discovered
  • Why glaciers are the “master builder” of lakes
  • Several ways that lakes die
  • The story of the Aral Sea (which in reality is a lake) and its warning for the Great Salt Lake
  • How salt lakes form

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