The Year in Water 2022 with Robert Puente, Tony Parrott, and Alyson Watson

20 Dec 2022  |  Episode #226  |  with Alyson Watson, Tony Parrott, Robert Puente

An all-star panel of water leaders, including Alyson Watson, Tony Parrott, and Robert Puente, discuss the year that was in water and share insights and perspectives on the water sector.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Our panelists’ discussion of affordability in the face of inflation
  • How SAWS addressed fairness in rate design during 2022
  • Louisville MSD’s affordability and equity programs
  • Woodard & Curran’s experience creating efficiencies in system operations and capital planning that promote affordability
  • Louisville MSD’s success in regionalism initiatives
  • SAWS’s challenges with regionalism
  • Alyson’s perspective on water technology and adoption in 2022 and the “adoption hurdle” 
  • How SAWS demonstrated ROI for its smart meter program and overcame the “adoption hurdle”
  • Louisville MSD’s use of technology in capital planning, integration of assets into real time operations, and implementation of AI 
  • Key takeaways for the year 2022 from each panel member

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