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Water & Wastewater Utility Resiliency: Emerging Market Opportunities for Microgrids 

Amid growing concerns about energy supplies and costs, water service reliability, and climate impacts, U.S. water and wastewater utilities are increasingly compelled to consider nontraditional approaches to operations stability, including backup power supplies. Still early in their adoption, particularly among water and wastewater utilities, microgrids are emerging as a potential path to more reliable system operations.

Supreme Court Ruling Sets Roadblock for Water Sector, Regulations 

The writing is now on the wall. The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling (6-3 in West Virginia v. EPA on 30 June 2022) undercuts the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority in it...

A.O. Smith Continues to Strengthen Water Treatment Market Position 

A.O. Smith Corporation’s June 2022 acquisition of Atlantic Filter marked its fifth water treatment-focused deal over the past six years. With this latest strategic move, A.O. Smith continues their focus on water treatment, as growing media coverage and consumer awareness of the dangers of major water contaminants have pushed water quality issues to the forefront.

The Heat Is On: The State of the Global Water Market 

Unusually hot temperatures and droughts are affecting regions all over the world from Europe, South Asia, Iraq to Mexico–particularly affecting agricultural industries. New data from the United Nati...

Where Are the Emerging Market Opportunities for Digital Water? 

When we talk about the digital transformation of the water industry, the focus often turns to advanced economies in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. And not without reason—countries such as ...

Global Water: Key Trends, Policy Activity, Market Outlook, Q3 2022 

Globally, water markets and companies are addressing a wide range of challenges, from climate-related impacts to supply chain disruptions. As anticipated, nearly all companies mention inflation, supply chain disruptions, and rising component costs in their quarterly filings and presentations. While several of these issues can optimistically be considered one-off events that will subside with time, the underlying threats from climate change will continue to be realized. 

Breaking Down the Global Desalination Market 

The effects of climate change, population growth, and the rise of industrialization have played a significant role in water scarcity and have had a substantial impact on water demand. Bluefield&#...

Digital Water Key Trends, Project Activity, and Market Outlook, Q2 2022 

While supply chain disruptions have impacted hardware suppliers’ order fulfillment and squeezed their profit margins, many major digital water providers have avoided large-scale order cancellations to date and point to positive tailwinds on the horizon from major infrastructure stimulus programs in the U.S., E.U., and elsewhere.

Hydrogen to Spark Water-Focused Strategies 

Globally, the transition towards zero-carbon power and transportation infrastructure is accelerating, as demonstrated by the growing list of green hydrogen-project announcements from Australia to Europe.