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Opportunities for Ultrapure Water Players Emerge in Europe Amid Tech War 

Given that semiconductor fabs require as much as 34,000 cubic meters of ultrapure water per day, leading companies’ exposure to drought, let alone public concerns about water usage, is on the rise. As such, semiconductor manufacturers are altering their global strategies, including new capacity additions and the deployment of advanced technologies to reduce their water footprints.

Opportunities in the U.S. Private Water Market 

In this client presentation, Bluefield’s team of water experts presented an overview of the total addressable market for utility consolidation and the latest trends in the U.S. private water market—from emerging strategies in investor-owned utility M&A to operations and maintenance contracts.
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Water Reuse Builds Momentum in Europe 

In Europe, the need for sustainable water management solutions has been magnified by last summer’s drought and record-breaking temperatures. The increasing severity of water stress remains a key dri...

Eight U.S. Water Market Trends to Watch: Looking over the Horizon 

In this presentation, Bluefield identifies top U.S. water market trends impacting and influencing the municipal water sector in 2023 and beyond. From water quality to core utility business models to digital democratization, our water experts outline key factors shaping these trends to watch.

Florida Adopts Fair Market Value Policy Impacting Water Utility Consolidation 

Florida has emerged as the 13th state to adopt such fair market value (FMV) legislation, further highlighting a steady trend of state policymakers targeting consolidation of water and wastewater ...