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We’ve Been Talkin’ ’bout Jackson 

Bluefield’s water experts breakdown the how and what behind the ongoing water and wastewater crisis in the capital city of Jackson, MS. From drinking water quality issues to infrastructure fundi...

Where Next after Jackson? U.S. Cities Face Looming Water Crises 

For the second time in as many years, Jackson, Mississippi’s 164,000 residents face a water crisis. In 2021, Mississippi residents were crippled by what we now call the Texas Winter Storm – some h...

Private Water Utility Ownership in Texas: Competitive Landscape, Geographic Positioning, and Market Trends 

In response to the growing interest in private participation in Texas water utilities, Bluefield’s team of water experts has mapped system ownership positions across the state and evaluated key players’ strategies, competitive positioning, and geographic footprints at the county level.

Industrial Water: Key Trends, Deals, and Policy in Water Management, Q3 2022 

From a corporate sustainability strategy to emerging industry trends influencing water management, the industrial water market landscape is changing. The transition from traditional power sources to renewable energy production has implications for industrial water use. Moving away from coal and gas production can lessen water withdrawals but increasing green hydrogen projects can counteract potential water savings for the power sector.

Competition for Water Increases between Cleantech and Community Stakeholders 

To meet expanding EV production, the global pipeline for new gigafactories (i.e., battery manufacturing facilities) has climbed to 304 factories. In Europe alone, Bluefield has identified 38 factories that are expected to become operational before 2030. The buildout of new giga-scale manufacturing facilities globally, in a climate-constrained environment, will be increasingly inhibited by water inputs and challenged by localities where water supplies and availability are an issue.

Calling All Future Water Leaders! with AWWA’s Barb Martin 

The AWWA’s Barb Martin (Director of Engineering and Technical Services) discusses the fantastic opportunity to participate in the inaugural Transformative Water Leadership Academy. Reese Tisdale als...

U.S. Private Water: Key Trends, M&A Activity, and Market Outlook, Q3 2022 

Since the start of 2022, several deals have surfaced in which a midsized-to-large local player is fully divesting its water and/or wastewater business to a bigger fish. With a competitive M&A market driving top-dollar purchase prices, Bluefield speculates that local players are capitalizing on large payout opportunities in view of looming regulatory, environmental, and economic pressures.

Water Sector Gatekeepers: Engineering Firms Build Out Digital Water Strategies 

Digital technology is everywhere, including for water applications. A lot is happening when it comes to hardware, software, and services. Bluefield water experts dive into the role of engineering firm...

U.S. Trenchless Market Matures Amidst Water Market Shifts: Forecasts, Competitive Positioning, and Key Trends, 2022–2030 

As demand for trenchless solutions continues to scale, a growing roster of firms are carving out competitive positions in the market, including vertically integrated trenchless pure-plays, diversified chemical companies, specialty service providers, and private equity investors. These players face a dynamic market landscape, shaped by labor and supply chain shortages, record inflationary pressures, and an influx of federal and state infrastructure funding.

Saur, Aqualia Shift Global Water Strategies 

On 21 July 2022, French water management company Saur announced the divestment of its municipal water management business in Colombia to Aqualia. As part of the agreement, Aqualia will acquire 100% of Saur Colombia SAS’s assets, made up of six concession companies that manage the production and distribution of drinking water and sewage across 11 municipalities in three regions of Columbia’s north coast.