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What Are the Financial Opportunities and Challenges Facing Water Utilities? 

In today’s episode, Reese Tisdale and Senior Municipal Water Analyst Isabel Kezman provide a financial overview of the U.S. water industry discussing the markets, challenges, and regional differ...

The UN Wants a Paris Agreement for Plastics – Will It Matter for Water? 

Restraining the explosion of plastic pollution, which is projected to double in size globally by 2040, is the next evolution in the discussion about climate. The United Nations recently agreed to...

Consolidation Shapes French Water Concessions 

On 17 July 2023, Veolia France SA won the 12-year, €650 million (US$730 million) concession contract from Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole in France against its main competitors, SUEZ and Saur.

Top Companies in Water: Financial Signals and Market Trends, Q3 2023 

In the last reporting cycle, 38 of the 50 top public companies reported growth in quarterly earnings compared to the same period in the prior year. Of the six reporting segments, Hardware & Infrastructure saw the highest number of companies (five) with revenue declines, shaped by supply chain disruptions and slowdowns in new construction and residential housing end markets.

Digital Water: Key Trends, Project Activity, and Market Outlook, Q3 2023 

Amid economic stagnation and inflationary pressures, the global digital water market is similarly experiencing headwinds. Established digital water firms continue to see sustained demand for their products and services, but M&A and venture capital activity remains subdued, with macroeconomic uncertainty driving a more conservative approach to digital water market opportunities among financial and strategic investors.

Water Mergers & Acquisitions: Trends and Deal Flow, Q3 2023 

To date, Bluefield has recorded 210 deals in 2023, representing a 29% decline compared to the 294 deals recorded during the same period in 2022. Overall, the market, like others, has been hobbled by externalities including recession concerns, rising cost of capital, and general economic uncertainty during the first half of the year.

Industrial Water: Key Trends, Deals, and Policy in Water Management, Q3 2023 

Economic slowdowns in leading manufacturing nations (e.g., China, Germany) create uncertainty in the global industrial water market heading into the second half of 2023. Even so, large industrial players continue to announce significant investments in new facilities, ranging from data centers and semiconductor fabs to green hydrogen plants.

Global Water: Key Trends, Policy Activity, and Market Outlook, Q3 2023 

A selection of new projects signals an increased focus on reclaiming wastewater to address drought and relieve pressure on freshwater supplies. These projects include five plants that the Philippines’ Maynilad Water Services announced for investment in August 2023 that will treat reclaimed wastewater.

U.S. Private Water: Key Trends, M&A Activity, and Market Outlook, Q3 2023 

M&A activity picks up among leading IOUs after a slow start to 2023. Private water deal flow increased during Q2 following a quieter first quarter, with American Water and Central States Water Resources ramping up activity across their core service territories.

The Ripple Effect of Digital Transformation with Sai Allavarpu 

Sai Allavarpu, Xylem’s Chief Digital Officer, shares his vast knowledge of how other industries have made the digital transformation and how the water sector can learn from that prior experience. Sa...