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The “Amazon Effect” on Water 

The broader impact of connectivity, online commerce, and door-to-door delivery cannot be overlooked. Amazon garners the most attention, but it is not alone in shaping this new paradigm that has accele...

The “Amazon Effect” on Packaging, Water Management 

The growing prevalence of online purchasing and door-to-door deliveries, even in the absence of COVID, has been accelerating on the heels of the “Amazon Effect”—disruption created by the online, digital procurement
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Sam Hartman 

Sam Hartman is a Research Associate in Bluefield’s Boston office. He is focused on supporting Bluefield Digital Water Insight Service, including analysis of the competitive landscape. Prior to j...
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Lauren Balsamo 

Lauren Balsamo is an Analyst in Bluefield’s Boston office, where she is leveraging her experience with water quality monitoring and PFAS contamination. Prior to joining Bluefield, Lauren worked with...
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Zaid Railoun 

Zaid Railoun supports Bluefield’s global water research team with perspectives and critical insights on water security issues impacting municipal and industrial sectors on the African continent....

Connecting Water Infrastructure: Telecom Company Strategies in the Global Digital Water Market 

The growing digitization of the global water, wastewater, and stormwater industry is creating significant utility demand for telecommunications solutions. Utilities are collecting and moving more data than ever before across disparate network assets, customers, and staff.

Digital Water Company Profiles 

Market Leaders & Platform Players While the digital water market has seen an explosion of startup activity and new market entrants in the past decade, the industry is led by a small group of estab...

Case Studies 

Bluefield’s new podcast series breaks down the biggest and smallest events signaling change and opportunity across the water landscape. The Future of Water is where we talk about all the ways in which companies, utilities, and people are addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

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