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Global Lessons Learned: Utility Strategies for Developing and Commercializing Water Reuse 

Bluefield’s team of water experts has analyzed the business models of select reuse projects in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific, investigating how strategic decisions are tied to the enabling environment.

Corporate Water Stewardship and Science Based Targets with WWF’s Allen Townsend 

WWF’s Allen Townsend provides an illuminating discussion on Science Based Targets and corporate water stewardship. Allen explains current guidance status, the entities involved, and where science ba...

AI in the Utility Construction Industry: Key Market Trends, Applications, and Best Practices 

In the U.S. utility construction sector, which is facing chronic labor shortages amid historic levels of federal infrastructure investment, AI can serve as a powerful tool for increasing productivity, efficiency, and safety on worksites and in back offices alike.

Top Companies in Water: Financial Signals and Market Trends, Q1 2024 

In Q4 2023, 33 of the 50 top public companies reported quarterly earnings growth compared to Q4 2022. The Network & Distribution segment (one of the six segments tracked in the quarter) reversed its recent declines and posted an average revenue growth of 0.43%. However, it remains the slowest-growing segment due to the continued deceleration of new construction and residential end markets.

The Emergence of Collaborative Delivery for Water 

Public sector water and wastewater project owners, engineering & design firms, and contractors are facing cost overruns, schedule delays, and contractual disputes that are slowing the execution an...