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U.S. Municipal Water & Wastewater Utility Rate Index, 2021 

For the sixth consecutive year, Bluefield Research has embarked upon an analysis of the water and wastewater rates in the U.S. and the impacts on residential water and wastewater bills. Ratepayers represent the primary source of funding for municipal operating expenditures.

Water for Energy Trends, Conditions, Forward Looking Q2 2021 

The water for energy landscape is undergoing a transformation, shaped by changing energy supplies and related water management strategies. Bluefield’s approach to water for energy is expanding to include what most would consider the water-energy nexus, globally.

California Steps Up PFAS Action Water Protection 

On 29 July 2021, the State of California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment proposed Public Health Goals (PHGs) for drinking water concentrations of the synthetic chemicals PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) & PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonic acid).

How Have Water Utilities Fared from COVID? 

Reliance on data played a fundamental role in helping utilities understand and manage the impacts of COVID-19. From utilities devising new customer communication strategies to the future of the utilit...

No Community Left Behind with Water Finance Exchange’s Brent Fewell 

Brent Fewell of the Water Finance Exchange shares the story of why the Water Finance Exchange was established and how it aims to serve the significant need for water infrastructure funding in the mark...
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Jaime Colón 

Jaime Colon is a Research Associate in Bluefield’s Boston office, where he focuses on data management and visualization strategies across all insight services. Prior to joining Bluefield, Jaime ...
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Amber Walsh 

Amber Walsh is a Research Associate in Bluefield’s Boston office, where she focuses on analyzing residential and commercial trends shaping water market strategies for utility, vendor, and corporate ...

State Revolving Funds: Breaking Down Project Data by Requests and Distributions 

The State Revolving Fund program is the primary means by which the federal and state governments provide financial support to water and wastewater infrastructure projects. The two programs, Clean Water and Drinking Water, are administered by state agencies for the purpose of providing low-interest loans for investments in water

South Africa Mining Industry Confronts Water Stress 

The global mining sector is on track to benefit significantly from global recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for commodities like steel, iron ore, and aluminum have underpinned a rally in commodity prices that are now beginning to ripple through the global economy.

An Exit Interview with Jeffrey Kightlinger 

Jeffrey Kightlinger provides an excellent interview offering profound thoughts on the water industry that was recorded during the waning days of his 15-year tenure as the General Manager of the Metrop...