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Europe Lays the Foundations for the Water Sector’s Complex Future: Bluefield’s 2024 Regional Outlook 

Bluefield's Europe water experts presented findings from their analysis of 2024–2030 Europe Municipal Water CAPEX Forecasts, and provided an overview of the state of Europe’s water market, investment drivers, technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, funding structures and cost-recovery strategies.

IIJA Project Funding Update: Where Are the Dollars Now? 

A number of Bluefield clients have enquired about the status of IIJA project funds. Each program stands in terms of four funding phases: appropriated, announced, obligated, outlaid. Podcast host Reese...

U.S. & Canada Municipal Water: Key Trends, Deals, and Policy in Water Management, Q1 2024 

The 2021 signing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act appropriated a historic US$63.3 billion for U.S. water infrastructure and Western Water Infrastructure from 2022–2026. At the midway point of the five-year funding period, it’s clear that the disbursement of federal funding has been slow; only US$1.8 billion of the total US$43.5 billion appropriated to SRFs has been paid out or ‘outlaid’ to state agencies for distribution to utility-level projects.

Industrial Water: Key Trends, Deals, and Policy in Water Management, Q1 2024 

Policymakers in Florida, Maryland, and North Carolina are taking legislative steps to target sources of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination (primarily industrial facilities) and their impacts on surface bodies and wastewater treatment plants. These policies, if enacted, signal opportunities for water and wastewater treatment technology companies with specialties in emerging contaminants like PFAS.

Collaborative Project Delivery: State Policies and Market Trends for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure 

Public sector project owners, engineering & design firms, and contractors are grappling with project cost overruns, delays, and contractual disputes that are slowing execution and delivery of critical water and wastewater infrastructure. These factors have created a swell of new policies and project experiences that are accelerating the use of collaborative project delivery approaches.

Water Service and Inequity in Mobile Home Parks with UCLA’s Greg Pierce 

Today’s podcast episode features Greg Pierce, Professor of Urban Planning at UCLA, Research and Co-Executive Director at UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation, Director of UCLA’s Water...
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Akshay Deshmukh is a data analyst devoted to the analysis of water sector data. Prior to joining Bluefield Research, Akshay has worked as a proficient analyst at organizations both in India and the Un...