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AWS’s Approach to Water with Will Hewes 

Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Global Lead for Water Sustainability, Will Hewes, provides an insightful look at AWS’s approach to water and discusses AWS’s Water Positive program that strives to ret...

Private Equity Takes Wheel of H2O Innovation 

On 2 October 2023, Ember Infrastructure Management LP announced its intention to acquire H2O Innovation Inc., a Canadian water solutions provider. H2O reported revenues of CAD$253 million (US$186 million) for fiscal year 2023. Currently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, the acquiring consortium plans to delist H2O and make it a private company.

Every Drop Counts: Spain and Italy Get Serious with Leakage Management 

While the broader public thinks of “water” as a single issue, in reality, water is more complex. The 2023 AquaTech trade show and conference in Amsterdam addressed a broad range of water issues...

Engineers to Emerge as Key Water Champions amid Threats from Climate Change 

Let’s face it—the earth’s temperature will sail past the 2030 target to limit the global warming threshold to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit). Our collective fates are cemented in a...

Leading Water Engineering Firms: Profiling Company Strategies and Trends 

Engineering firms play a critical role in the decisions of the municipal and industrial water & wastewater sectors. Their wide array of offerings ranges from consulting and technology recommendations to construction and facility operations. Overall, the influence of engineering firms is significant and, in many respects, sets them apart as gatekeepers to many water-related decisions.

Saltwater Intrusion In Drinking Water Is More Common Than You May Realize. What Are the Mitigation Options? 

What is saltwater intrusion and how common is it? The city of New Orleans has been faced with a national emergency as a saltwater wedge had been expected to reach the area impacting the drinking water...

Synergistic Carbon Removal and Fresh Water Production with Capture6’s Tom Ricciardi 

Tom Ricciardi, Vice President of Business Operations at Capture6, discusses its fascinating technology that removes and sequesters carbon while simultaneously producing fresh water. Tom provides detai...

What Are the Financial Opportunities and Challenges Facing Water Utilities? 

In today’s episode, Reese Tisdale and Senior Municipal Water Analyst Isabel Kezman provide a financial overview of the U.S. water industry discussing the markets, challenges, and regional differ...

The UN Wants a Paris Agreement for Plastics – Will It Matter for Water? 

Restraining the explosion of plastic pollution, which is projected to double in size globally by 2040, is the next evolution in the discussion about climate. The United Nations recently agreed to...

Consolidation Shapes French Water Concessions 

On 17 July 2023, Veolia France SA won the 12-year, €650 million (US$730 million) concession contract from Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole in France against its main competitors, SUEZ and Saur.