How Would a Potential Schneider-Bentley Deal Shake Up the Water Sector?

7 May 2024  |  Episode #94  |  with Eric Bindler, Christine Ow

Schneider Electric and Bentley have confirmed ongoing discussions regarding a potential acquisition, marking a significant development in the water industry. With Bentley’s market value estimated at approximately US$16 billion, the prospective deal would provide large ramifications across various industries where both companies operate.

While both Schneider and Bentley are prominent players in the digital water realm, other companies including Cadence Design Systems and Siemens could be in the mix as well.

In this episode, podcast host Reese Tisdale is joined by Bluefield’s Senior Research Director Eric Bindler, and Digital Water Analyst Christine Ow, to explore the potential ripple effect of a Schneider-Bentley deal on the water industry:

  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency: The convergence of Bentley and Schneider would facilitate the transition from design to operations, unlocking efficiencies throughout the value chain. Their combined expertise would offer a suite of products, bridging crucial gaps in the industry.
  • Altering the Competitive Landscape: Schneider’s diverse portfolio spans various sectors. The integration of Bentley would further strengthen their standing within the water industry, challenging established players.
  • Navigating Integration Challenges: Beyond the strategic benefits, the acquisition presents integration complexities, including aligning customer bases and merging company cultures.

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