Top Companies in Water: COVID-19 Impacts, Financial Signals, and Market Trends

15 Dec 2020
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Bluefield Research monitors the trends and signals associated with financial reports of publicly traded companies with positions in water. By zeroing-in on approximately 40 companies across the water value chain—including treatment technology providers, infrastructure hardware vendors, engineering firms, and utilities—our team of water experts tracks the data, notes, and signals reported by leading companies.

The unforeseen impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have significantly increased global economic and demand uncertainty this year and going forward. The results, both positive and negative, are manifested in these companies’ annual reports, quarterly filings, and investor presentations.

In this Market Insight:

  • Ranking publicly traded water companies
  • Water-related revenues, non-water revenues by company
  • Quarterly revenue changes by company
  • Financial changes by company category
  • Quarterly water business insights by company

Report Features

Table of Contents

  1. Summary : Background & Summary
  2. Research Methodology Overview
  3. Leading Companies in Water
  4. Ranking Publicly Traded Water Companies
    1. Water-Related Revenues (FY 2019 Figures)
  5. Financial Changes by Company Category
  6. Quarterly Revenue Changes by Company
    1. Water-Related Revenue Change (Q3 2020 vs. Q3 2019)
  7. Company Notes: Quarterly Water Business Insights