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The World Economic Forum listed “water crisis” as the fourth biggest risk in its Global Risks Report, 2019.

“It was a pleasure working with the American Society of Civil Engineers team on 2021 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Admittedly, the grades given to U.S. Drinking Water (C-), Wastewater(D+), and Stormwater (D) are not ideal – nor what we should expect as citizens,” Reese Tisdale, Bluefield Research.

What are you going to do when your government says, ‘Sorry folks, we are out of water?'” – Bluefield Research, putting Cape Town, South Africa’s Day Zero announcement into perspective.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the water industry to rethink many of its established business practices and operating models…, according to The Value of Smart Water During Crisis, a report lead by Bluefield Research Director, Eric Bindler.

“Michael Burry is focusing all of his trading on one commodity: Water.” The Big Short by Michael Lewis.

“It was a pleasure supporting the US Government Accountability Office with its now released March 2021 analysis of Private Water Utilities in the U.S,” Reese Tisdale, Bluefield Research.

Can you hear me now? What role will telecoms play in water? New Future of Water Podcast out now (and report coming soon) @MotorolaUS @Verizon @TMobile @VodafoneGroup @nokia

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