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The World Economic Forum listed “water crisis” as the fourth biggest risk in its Global Risks Report, 2019.

American Society of Civil Engineers reports that meeting 100% of water infrastructure needs by 2039 we can expect: $4.5. billion growth in GDP growth; $1.1 trillion in trade value; 798,000 jobs created; $1.4 billion in consumer spending. 

What are you going to do when your government says, ‘Sorry folks, we are out of water?'” – Reese Tisdale, putting Cape Town, South Africa’s Day Zero announcement into perspective.

“Michael Burry is focusing all of his trading on one commodity: Water.” The Big Short by Michael Lewis.


With $1.6 trillion forecasted for total expenditures by end of decade, water utility operations face significant disruption… #OPEX #MunicipalWater

06 Apr 2021 • Future of Water
Water Stress Undermines Global Supply Chains

06 Apr 2021 • The Water Values
Start Up to Publicly Traded & the State of Water Technology with Xylem’s Christine Boyle

07 Apr 2021 With $1.6 trillion forecasted for total expenditures by end of decade, water utility operations face significant disruption

05 Apr 2021 With $1.6 Trillion Forecasted for Total Expenditures by End of Decade, Water Utility Operations Face Significant Disruption