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Analyst Presentation

26 Jun 2015 Analyst Presentation

GCC Region Diversifies Supply: Market Outlook for Municipal Wastewater & Reuse, 2015-2020

Keith Hays, Bluefield Vice President, presented at the Water Innovation Europe 2015 Annual Stakeholder Conference on 26 June. This presentation highlights the GCC market's attractiveness, regional tre... »

29 Apr 2015 Analyst Presentation

Private Participation Trends in Key Water Markets // SWAN

Bluefield Research was in London on 29-30 April 2015 for SWAN: The Smart Water Networks Forum.... »

02 Feb 2015 Analyst Presentation

Water Reuse for the Mining Sector: Drivers, Demand, and Competitive Landscape

This presentation was given by Bluefield analyst, Erin Bonney Casey, at the WateReuse Association's 2015 Industrial and Commercial Water Reuse Conference in Austin, Texas on February 2. The data and a... »

12 Jan 2015 Analyst Presentation

Private Water in 2015 // Top Ten Strategic Developments in Global Private Water Markets

In this presentation, Bluefield Research details the top 10 trends for private water markets entering 2015.... »

26 Nov 2014 Analyst Presentation
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Patient Investors Wanted: Reuse and Desalination in California, Texas, and Mexico

Bluefield Research analyst, Keith Hays, presented Patient Investors Wanted: Reuse and Desalination in California, Texas, and Mexico, on private water investment opportunities in North America during t... »

14 Oct 2014 Analyst Presentation

GCC Targets Spur Greenfield Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Opportunities

Bluefield Research Vice President, Keith Hays, presents on water reuse markets in the GCC region during WaterWorld Middle East 2014 in Abu Dhabi on October 14.... »

28 Sep 2014 Analyst Presentation

Water Reuse in the US: Adoption Trends and Market Growth

Erin Bonney Casey presents Water Reuse in the US: Adoption Trends and Market Growth during the WateReuse Association's One Water Innovations Press Workshop at WEFTEC 2014 in New Orleans.... »

09 Sep 2014 Analyst Presentation

Navigating Desalination’s Shifting Competitive Landscape

Erin Bonney Casey presented Navigating Desalination's Shifting Competitive Landscape to address competitive strategies in global desalination markets at the 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium in Dallas, ... »

Another example re: critical infrastructure providers converging under a single investor-owned utility banner: Pa. approves @AquaAmerica’s $4.3 billion expansion into natural gas. Now it wants to be Essential.… via @PhillyInquirer #PrivateWater

Utility Management Conference
Feb 25-28, 2020 / Anaheim, CA 

WEX Global 2020
March 2-4 / Valencia, Spain

21 Jan 2020 Municipal Pipe Market Turns to New Technologies to Address Aging Water Infrastructure

15 Jan 2020 Looking to 2020 and Beyond: Key Trends and Perspectives in Global Water Markets