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Venture and Growth Capital: Transactions & Trends in Digital Water, 2009-2018

18 October 2018
Data Insight

Venture capital continues to emerge as a key financing mechanism to accelerate growth, particularly as academic spin-offs and new market entrants seek to scale in a mature water sector.

In recent years, the digitalization of the municipal water segment has attracted myriad of  start-ups positioning products and services across a wide range of segments including municipal utility, industry, commercial building services, and the domestic home market. When combined, these segments account for over US$814.8 million invested by venture and private equity growth capital investors in water.

This 27-slide Data Insight, available through our Digital Water Insight service analyzes 193 venture and private equity investments– across 91 companies in 13 countries– from 2009 through Q3 2018. Analysis includes:

    • Overview of Venture Funding and Private Equity in Water
    • Digital Water Growth and Growth Capital Funding Trends
    • Global Digital Water Venture and Growth Capital Funding by Segment (Agriculture, Domestic, Industrial/Commercial, Municipal Water)
    • Growth in Venture Capital Digital Solutions for Municipal Water
    • Competitive Segmentation of Water-Related Smart Home Providers
    • Segmentation of Financial Players in Water
    • Profiles of Financial Investors in Digital Water

Companies Mentioned

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