U.S. Digital Water Market Overview

15 Mar 2024
Complimentary analysis

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The nearly US$8 billion U.S. digital water market is growing at an 8% CAGR, or 3x to 4x the pace of growth in the broader municipal water and wastewater infrastructure sector. Data and digital solutions enable utilities to do more with less as financial, environmental, and regulatory pressures grow, driving robust and reliable demand for digital water moving forward.

The competitive landscape for digital water is highly fragmented and ripe for consolidation, with more than 1,600 companies globally selling digital technology and services into the water sector. Digital water offers significant growth, profit opportunities for water incumbents and new market entrants with well-calibrated strategies.

In this Analyst Presentation, Bluefield’s water experts outline the challenges and opportunities for digital water market entry.

Presentation topics:

  • What Is Digital Water?
  • How Big Is the Market?
  • What Is Driving the Digital Transformation in Water?
  • Who Are the Market Leaders?
  • How Bluefield Can Help

Bluefield is a leading provider of market intelligence on the U.S. digital water market, with robust market forecasts, project and investment data, and competitive analysis. Our consulting team can offer tailored support to help develop a digital water strategy, including market adjacency prioritization, market entry evaluation, and execution support.

Start a conversation to learn more about how Bluefield can help support your digital water strategy.


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