U.S. Stormwater Infrastructure Market: Key Drivers, Competitive Shifts & Investment Outlook, 2024–2030

28 Mar 2024
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About this Report:

Stormwater management is increasingly top of mind for municipalities, transportation departments, and private property owners alike. Climate change is producing more severe and unpredictable precipitation patterns nationwide, while construction and urban development contribute to an expansion of impervious surfaces (i.e., asphalt and concrete), exacerbating flooding and water pollution from unmitigated stormwater runoff. In response, a growing roster of both incumbent and emerging solutions providers are carving out positions in the stormwater management market, ranging from traditional gray infrastructure—drains, pumps, catch basins, and chambers—to newer digital platforms and alternative “green infrastructure” systems.

In this Insight Report, Bluefield analysts will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the U.S. stormwater management market landscape, including key market drivers and trends, market sizing and forecasts across product types and geographies, competitive landscape, and select company profiles.

Accompanying Data Dashboard:

Data is a key component to this analysis. Our team will compile a relevant data dashboard with forecast and competitive data as an add on purchase option.

Report Scope:
  • U.S. stormwater infrastructure market drivers & trends
  • Market sizing & forecasts – by year, product type, end-user segment, and state
  • Stormwater competitive analysis – product & market position, M&A activity & strategies
  • 30+ profiles of leading stormwater equipment & infrastructure suppliers
Key Questions Addressed:
  1. What are the leading environmental, financial, macroeconomic, and regulatory drivers spurring public and private investment in stormwater infrastructure and management?
  2. How do stormwater infrastructure needs vary across different end-user groups (i.e., municipalities, state DOTs, commercial property developers)?
  3. What is the size of the U.S. stormwater infrastructure market, and how does the growth outlook vary across product types, end-user segments, and states / regions?
  4. Who are the leading players in the stormwater infrastructure market, and how are they are positioned in terms of product, channel, and investment strategy?
  5. What is the role of emerging solutions (e.g., digital monitoring and modeling platforms, alternative stormwater finance schemes, green infrastructure) in disrupting or accelerating the traditional stormwater infrastructure sector?

Table of Contents

Section 1: U.S. Stormwater Market Drivers & Trends

  • Market Drivers & Inhibitors
  • Long-Term Historical Precipitation Trends
  • The Climate Crisis is a Water Crisis: U.S. Billion-Dollar Disasters
  • Impervious Surfaces Create Stormwater Headaches
  • Hot Markets – Regional Public & Private Construction Activity
  • Complex Jurisdictions for Stormwater Management – U.S. Road Infrastructure
  • Stormwater Policy & Regulatory Landscape
  • Market Stakeholders – MS4s & Stormwater Utilities
  • Stormwater Funding Opportunities & Obstacles
  • Key Stormwater Infrastructure Assets
  • Emerging Stormwater Solutions & Business Models

Section 2: U.S. Stormwater Infrastructure Forecasts

  • Forecast Methodology
  • State Rankings Heatmap
  • Market Forecast Breakdowns
    • Year over Year
    • Equipment vs. services
    • CAPEX vs. OPEX
    • Product segments
    • End-user segments
    • State heatmap & growth trends

Section 3: Competitive Landscape

  • Top Competitive Shifts
  • Competitive Landscape by Product Type
  • Key Competitor Matrix by Industry Focus & Geographic Footprint
  • Select Company Revenue Rankings
  • Stormwater Value Chain
  • Notable M&A Deals & Trends

Section 4: Company Profiles – company overview, key statistics, product offerings, recent market activity, strategic positioning

Companies Profiled

  • ADS
  • AquaShield Inc.
  • Armtec
  • Baughman Tile Company
  • Columbia Precast Products
  • Diamond Plastics Corporations
  • Eagle Corporation
  • Franklin Electric
  • Grundfos
  • Highland Tank
  • Hobas Pipe USA Inc.
  • Hydro International Ltd.
  • Imbrium Systems
  • IPEX
  • Jensen Precast
  • JM Eagle
  • KSB
  • Lane Enterprise Inc.
  • Nationwide Tanks
  • NDS
  • Northwest Pipe Company
  • Oldcastle Infrastructure
  • Orenco Systems
  • Premier Tech Water & Environment
  • Prinsco
  • Shawcor
  • SIP Industries
  • Southeast Culvert
  • StormTrap LLC.
  • Sulzer
  • The Concrete Company
  • The Quikrete Companies
  • Westlake Pipe & Fittings
  • Xylem