Top Companies in Water: Financial Signals and Market Trends, Q2 2021

23 Jul 2021
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Bluefield Research monitors the financial trends and market signals detailed in the quarterly and annual reports of publicly traded companies with positions in water. Companies tracked across the water industry value chain include treatment technology providers, infrastructure hardware vendors, engineering firms, and utilities. Our team of water experts leverages the publicly reported data, notes, and presentations to gains insights into key issues and influences shaping global municipal and industrial markets.

Identifying Top Companies (47) in Water:

  • Demonstrated footprint in municipal or industrial water technology, equipment, services, or asset ownership, globally
  • Publicly traded firms reporting financial results on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis
  • Identifiable water-related revenue positions in financial reports and presentations. In select cases, assumptions are made by Bluefield’s team of water experts to estimate water share of total
  • Representative companies across the industry value chain. Bluefield segments the companies into six categories: (1) treatment technology & solutions, (2) digital water solutions, (3) water solutions pure-play, (4) engineering services, (5) hardware & infrastructure, and (6) investor-owned utilities

In this Market Insight:

  • Leading companies in water
  • Ranking publicly traded water companies
  • Financial changes by company segment (Q1 2021 vs. Q1 2020)
  • Quarterly revenue changes by company (Q1 2021 vs. Q1 2020)
  • Selected notes from recent company financial Reports, presentations

Report Features

Table of Contents

  1. Summary: Background & Takeaways
  2. Research Methodology Overview
    • Scope & Definition
    • Key Metrics
    • Data Sources
  3. Leading Companies in Water
    • Treatment Technology & Solutions
    • Digital Water Solutions
    • Water Solutions Pure-Play
    • Engineering Services
    • Hardware & Infrastructure
    • Investor-Owned Water Utility
  4. Ranking Publicly Traded Water Companies
    • Top Companies’ Water-Related & Total Revenues, FY2020
  5. Financial Changes by Company Segment
  6. Quarterly Revenue Changes by Company
    • Water-Related Revenue Change (Q1 2021 vs. Q1 2020)
  7. Company Notes: Quarterly Water Business Insights