Corporate Sustainability Targets: Water Management Trends across Ten Key Industries

5 Feb 2020
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Increasingly, publicly traded companies are publishing annual sustainability or corporate social responsibility reports which track resource use and environmental footprint across operations, including water withdrawal and consumptions and wastewater discharges. The tracking and reporting included in these reports, also highlight the pressure that companies are under to improve resource use efficiency by publicly setting goals and tracking progress toward those goals.

In this Data Insight, Bluefield water experts track the top 10 companies (by revenue generated), across ten water-intensive industries: automotive, beauty & personal care, chemicals, fashion, food & beverage, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, power, and technology/IT.

In this Data Insight, Bluefield water experts:

  • Analyze water footprints of more than 100 corporate industrial companies
  • Highlights how individual companies are moving toward water use tracking and improved water use efficiencies
  • Rank ten industry sectors in terms of tracking and reporting water use, water use intensity, sustainability goals, and progress on goals

Report Features

Table of Contents

  1. Corporate Sustainability : Background & Takeaways
  2. Methodology
  3. Industrial Sector Ranking
  4. Industrial Sector Overview
    • Industry Ranking : Water Use Reporting
  5. Water Use Intensity Across Industries
    • Industry Ranking : Water Use Intensity
  6. Industrial Sector Overview
    • Industry Ranking: Water-Related Goals
    • Progress Toward Water Use Reduction Targets by Industry
  7. Industrial Profiles: Water Use by Company, Sustainability Targets, Water Sustainability Goals Timelines
    • Automotive
    • Beauty & Personal Care
    • Chemicals
    • Fashion
    • Food & Beverage
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Power
    • Technology