Modeling Software Players Weigh Growth Options

29 Jun 2023
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Autodesk acquired Innovyze in 2021 for around US$1 billion, vaulting it into a leading position as a water utility and engineering consultancy software provider. Since the deal, Autodesk has sought to integrate the firm into its portfolio of infrastructure software solutions while leveraging its existing sales channels and overlapping customer base. 

Innovyze aims to grow beyond the relatively saturated space of hydraulic modeling with additional product offerings. The centerpiece of this effort is its cloud-based, artificial intelligence-powered Info360 platform for real-time water asset and operations management. 

In this Research Note:

  • Consolidated hydraulic modeling space spurs players to find new growth
  • Increasing competitive barriers to expand from hydraulic modeling into analytics, real-time operations 
  • Leveraging BIM presence, consultancy relationships lends advantage to Autodesk, Bentley 
  • Digital twin emerges as software integration catalyst, growth target 

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