Badger Meter, Trimble Change Lanes in Digital Water

16 Jan 2024  |  Episode #86  |  with Eric Bindler

Badger Meter, a leading manufacturer of water metering products, has recently acquired the Telog brand of RTUs (remote telemetry units) and associated monitoring software from Trimble. Podcast host and Bluefield President Reese Tisdale, sits down with Bluefield’s Senior Research Director Eric Bindler, to shed some light on the transaction, what this signals to the water market, and who and which companies should take notice.

Badger Meter has become a poster child for an incumbent water infrastructure/equipment supplier transforming into a leading digital water market player. For Trimble, this move clarifies their position in the market, doubling down on the construction and asset management space in water and related markets.

Reese Tisdale also shares his thoughts on Spanish water company Aqualia’s recent entry into the U.S. water market through its acquisition of Texas-based Municipal District Services.    

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