Grundfos Goes Deeper Into Digital Water

8 Aug 2023  |  Episode #76  |  with Christine Ow

Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos has recently acquired U.K.-based telemetry and analytics firm Metasphere from private equity investor XPV Water Partners. Grundfos has in recent years, expanded its footprint from its core pump offerings for water network management and treatment toward digital offerings.

Metasphere’s specific experience with wastewater networks especially in the U.K. and Australia, will extend Grundfos’ portfolio beyond pumps and deeper into network monitoring and operations. As Grundfos is integrating not only digital solutions but also hardware solutions, the company is strengthening and expanding their offerings to water network customers such as utilities.

In this episode, host, Reese Tisdale, and Bluefield’s Digital Water Analyst Christine Ow discuss the acquisition and what it might mean for digital solutions in water.

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