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The Water Values Podcast

The Water Values Podcast series is presented in collaboration with Bluefield Research. This podcast series explores water issues from a variety of perspectives with the goal of uncovering the true value of water. Each episode will delve into one aspect of water, such as water utilities, water treatment, water resources, water reuse, and more.

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Water Quality in the Cloud with Neno Duplan with Neno Duplan Episode #194 — 15 June 2021

Locus Technologies founder and CEO Neno Duplan provides a wealth of experience on water quality in the cloud. Neno began cloud-based data work before any of us knew what the cloud even was. He does a great job explaining the steps needed to undertake... »

Synthetic Aperture Radar and Its Fascinating Applications in the Water Sector with James Perry with James Perry Episode #193 — 01 June 2021

James Perry of Utilis joins us to discuss Synthetic Aperture Radar and its many and varied applications in the water sector. James provides a wealth of information about how the technology developed to its cost-effective use and application in the wa... »

Digital Transformation with Prateek Joshi with Prateek Joshi Episode #192 — 18 May 2021

Plutoshift CEO Prateek Joshi comes on to talk about digital transformation in the water sector. Prateek hits on a number of important and practical points in a wide-ranging discussion on data, AI, and machine learning in the water sector. In this ... »

Top Digital Water Trends with Meena Sankaran with Meena Sankaran Episode #191 — 04 May 2021

Water entrepreneur (and new mom) Meena Sankaran discusses data collection and usage in the water sector. She provides fascinating perspectives on everything from driving the digital transformation to common data gaps to cybersecurity. Get ready for a... »

The Cadiz Water Project with Scott Slater with Scott Slater Episode #190 — 20 April 2021

Long-time water lawyer Scott Slater discusses the Cadiz water project and touches on everything from environmental issues to water equity to efficient use of infrastructure. Take a listen to gain a unique perspective on the development of a water pro... »

Start Up to Publicly Traded & the State of Water Technology with Xylem’s Christine Boyle with Christine Boyle Episode #189 — 06 April 2021

Christine Boyle returns after 5 years and discusses her journey from 2015 start-up to 2018 sale. She provides hints and valuable insights for start-ups to make it through the “valley of death” and much more. Plus, Bluefield Research's President, ... »

Water & the Power Sector with Patrick Regan with Patrick Regan Episode #188 — 16 March 2021

Patrick Regan provides a broad and deep discussion of water’s place in the power industry. This interview was recorded prior to the Texas disaster, but Patrick’s insights provide a glimpse into the role water played in Texas’ recent power issue... »

Wastewater Innovation & Microscopy with Bryan Arndt with Bryan Arndt Episode #187 — 02 March 2021

Welcome Ramboll’s Bryan Arndt who discusses innovation in the wastewater space and details the importance of microscopy in wastewater treatment plant operations. Bryan also explains his innovation, Opseyes, that reduces microscopy reads from a 3 da... »

Ensuring One Water Delivers for Healthy Waterways with Jennifer Walker with Jennifer Walker Episode #186 — 16 February 2021

Jennifer Walker, the Deputy Director for the National Wildlife Federation’s Texas Coast and Water Program, provides a terrific discussion about urban water planning through a One Water lens and focuses on the connection between One Water and health... »

A Distributed Water Solution with SOURCE’s Clara Nagy McBane with Clara Nagy McBane Episode #185 — 02 February 2021

Clara Nagy McBane provides a top shelf interview discussing SOURCE’s distributed water solution. Clara does a terrific job describing SOURCE’s technology in an accessible way for the non-technical among us. Plus, Reese Tisdale provides an update ... »

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