The Future of Water Podcast

Bluefield’s podcast series breaks down the biggest and smallest events across the water landscape. The Future of Water is where we talk about all the ways in which companies, utilities, and people are addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

Hosted by:
Reese Tisdale
President & CEO

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13 Feb 2024  |  Episode #88   |  Charlie Suse

What’s the State of Private Participation in Water? 

  • Coverage

10 Nov 2020  |  Episode #13
with Keith Hays

The Role of Private Equity in Water

5 Oct 2020  |  Episode #11
with Keith Hays and Eric Bindler

Seeing Double, The Rise of the Digital Twins in Water

21 Sep 2020  |  Episode #10
with Keith Hays

Is Veolia Suez Marriage Good for the Water Sector?

8 Sep 2020  |  Episode #9
with Erin Bonney Casey, Eric Bindler

Prepare to Fill Up Your Bathtubs

11 Aug 2020  |  Episode #8
with Eric Bindler and Mariel Marchand

Let’s Make a Deal

30 Jul 2020  |  Episode #7
with Keith Hays

Can Wastewater Save Lives?

19 Jun 2020  |  Episode #5
with Eric Bindler

Breaking and Entering: Water Sector Cybersecurity

19 Jun 2020  |  Episode #4
with Nathan Goldstein

Toilet Paper Costs More Than Oil

19 Jun 2020  |  Episode #3
with Eric Bindler

Crisis Leads to Digital Acceleration

19 Jun 2020  |  Episode #2
with Erin Bonney Casey

Get Smart in Water

19 Jun 2020  |  Episode #1
with Reese Tisdale

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