Special Episode: Big Acquisitions in Water Are a Big Deal

9 Mar 2021  |  Episode #21  |  with Keith Hays

In response to three recent billion-dollar water deals, Bluefield is releasing a special episode of The Future of Water—to help our listeners break down what this growing interest in water means.

Bluefield’s Reese Tisdale and Keith Hays discuss what has fundamentally changed in the market that makes water more attractive for investment now, characteristics of the recent megadeals, and what these transactions might mean for the water sector going forward.

  1. New Mountain Capital acquired Aegion Corporation for $963 million
  2. Autodesk made the long-awaited acquisition of Innovyze for $1 billion
  3. Quikrete is buying pipe supplier Forterra, Inc. for $2.74 billion


The Future of Water

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