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Episode #17 — 10 January 2021 New Year Episode: Biggest Headlines, Challenges, and Trends Influencing Global Water

with Erin Bonney Casey, Eric Bindler

In Bluefield’s first podcast of the year, Reese Tisdale, Eric Bindler, and Erin Bonney Casey reflect on some of last year’s biggest water headlines, discuss future challenges, and identify top trends influencing global water markets. While 2020 was unusual, to say the least, the new year ushers in an altered landscape for water solutions providers, investors, organizations addressing water as an opportunity (or risk). The impacts of climate, Big Tech, water quality, and recession loom large.

This discussion sums up Bluefield’s take on…

  • Top, water headlines of 2020
  • Biggest, ongoing challenges ahead
  • Key trends to look for in 2021

Water news…

Reese also shares his thoughts on recent news and highlights why these headlines matter and what they could mean for the water sector.

  • Inframark’s new owner
  • Black & Veatch’s divestment of its UK water business
  • The potential impacts of a democratic controlled House and Senate in the U.S. Congress.

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Select companies mentioned:

Inframark, New Mountain Capital, RSK, Black & Veatch, Veolia, Suez, Vortex, BKP Berolina, Amazon Water, CISCO, Google….


Reese Tisdale
Bluefield Research



Eric Bindler
Research Director
Digital Water


Erin Bonney Casey
Research Director
Municipal Water



The Future of Water podcast series is where Bluefield water experts talk about all the ways in which companies, utilities, and people are addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

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