Are Homes Getting Smarter with Real-time Water Management?

7 Dec 2020  |  Episode #15  |  with Eric Bindler

Reese Tisdale and Eric Bindler talk about the future of water management within the home. Newly announced strategic partnerships between Moen subsidiary Flo and Lennar signal growing potential for the niche market. Prior to the pandemic, the residential digital water segment had seen a flurry of activity among water entrepreneurs. Bluefield water experts discuss the COVID-related market slowdown for residential digital water startups and how the growing role of big tech firms like Amazon and Google in the home also presents a potential for disruption, which could, as well, impact water utilities and insurance company strategies.

In this Podcast

  • The strategic partnership of Moen Inc. and Lennar Corp. to deploy smart home water management & leak detection systems in newly built Lennar homes.
  • Smart home players partnering with homeowner insurance firms.
  • Are solutions providers competing with utilities?
  • What slow adoption of smart water technologies could mean for utilities’  customer relations with ratepayers.
  • Implications of the pandemic on the residential digital water segment.

The Future of Water

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