The Future of Water Podcast

Bluefield’s podcast series breaks down the biggest and smallest events across the water landscape. The Future of Water is where we talk about all the ways in which companies, utilities, and people are addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

Hosted by:
Reese Tisdale
President & CEO

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3 May 2022  |  Episode #48
with Eric Bindler, Reese Tisdale, John Berryman

Six Trends Shaping the Longer-Term Outlook for Water

19 Apr 2022  |  Episode #47
with Amber Walsh

Is a Market for Residential Water Reuse Developing?

5 Apr 2022  |  Episode #46
with Nina Aya Rossiter

Digital Water Trends and Market Review

15 Mar 2022  |  Episode #45
with Eric Bindler, Greg Goodwin

A Closer Look at IIJA and State Revolving Funds

1 Mar 2022  |  Episode #44
with Reese Tisdale, Keith Hays

Looming Energy Crisis to Squeeze Water & Wastewater Utilities

1 Feb 2022  |  Episode #43
with Nina Aya Rossiter, Amber Walsh

Is Household Water Management Overlooked as an Opportunity?

18 Jan 2022  |  Episode #42
with Keith Hays, Eric Bindler

Bottled Water Craze Raises Questions about Water Quality & Utility Strategies

21 Dec 2021  |  Episode #41
with Reese Tisdale, Keith Hays

Retrospective: The Biggest Stories in Water in 2021

7 Dec 2021  |  Episode #40
with Eric Bindler, Isabel Kezman

Workforce Disruption: Who do Utilities Call for Help?

23 Nov 2021  |  Episode #39
with Greg Goodwin, John Berryman

Water Wins Big in Infrastructure Bill

9 Nov 2021  |  Episode #38

Deals, Deals, Deals

26 Oct 2021  |  Episode #37
with Eric Bindler

What Did We Learn at the World’s Largest Wastewater Conference?

12 Oct 2021  |  Episode #36
with Keith Hays, Chloé Meyer

Drought, Floods Disrupt Global Water Sector

14 Sep 2021  |  Episode #34
with Nathan Goldstein

Tight Supply Chains Squeeze the Water Industry

31 Aug 2021  |  Episode #34
with Erin Bonney Casey

Do Droughts Impact Household Water Rates?