Water M&A, Recent Deals, Trends, and Outlook 

11 Oct 2022  |  Episode #58  |  with Steph Aldock

The Bluefield team talks mergers and acquisition trends across the global water sector, providing insight into the slow down of deal flow activity. Reese Tisdale and Steph Aldock discusses the impacts of big deals, new market entrants, and the impact of global economic volatility. While it seems like the bottom may have fallen out of the market, positive signals are ahead.          

As Reese says, “It will be interesting to see what happens with American companies going abroad because the American dollar is really strong right now.”

Key questions asked, include:

  • How is M&A Looking this year?
  • Why are seeing less deal flow activity?
  • Now that the dollar is strong will we see US Company expansion?
  • Will recent policy shifts (like IIJA) boost deal flow?

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