Defining the Digital Opportunity of the Lead and Copper Rule Updates


How we helped a company navigate the US$32 billion dollar lead service line removal market

The Challenge

The recent announcement of updates to the U.S. EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) has cities and municipalities across the country feeling a sense of urgency as they prepare to adjust to a more proactive regulatory stance requiring increased information captured from lead service line inventories and expanded public communication. Bluefield Research helped a digital water provider better understand the market landscape for solutions across the LCR value chain.

Bluefield Engagement

Bluefield leveraged its base of municipal and digital water research and its network of contacts within the industry to provide insights that gave the client a better understanding of the top priorities and challenges municipalities perceive within LCR updates, geographical variances in LCR capability needs, and general perceptions of its brand and offering within the space among competitors and potential channel partners.

Accelerating Outcomes

The engagement has helped the client better understand prioritized criteria among municipal water systems, as well as the strengths, positioning, and perceptions of firms holding master services agreements with these municipalities. This has helped define and accelerate the client’s channel partner strategy by size, geography, and partner positioning as it seeks to capitalize on a dynamic regulatory-driven space within municipal and digital water.

Helping companies navigate the water landscape

Whether you’re focused on transformational technologies and regulatory developments or looking for third-party validation to enter or understand an established space, Bluefield’s team of water experts has the depth in industry expertise and contacts to fit your needs.