Assessing Digital Adoption by U.S. Wastewater Utilities To Optimize Go-to-Market Strategy


Helping a publicly traded manufacturer understand rationales, triggers, and hurdles to sewer digitalization to navigate prospects for its wastewater innovations.

The Challenge

A U.S.-based hardware manufacturer active in water and wastewater management was having difficulty evaluating utility market opportunities for its smart wastewater portfolio of hardware, software, and services. The firm was looking to scale its target market and improve commercialization and, therefore, sought Bluefield Research to help assess factors influencing smart sewer procurement and opportunities.

Bluefield Engagement

Bluefield Research leveraged its base of municipal and digital water research and its network of industry contacts to develop a multifactor filter to select wastewater systems across the U.S. to gain customer insight. In total, over 20 interviews were conducted, enabling the client to acquire an in-depth understanding of the top priorities and challenges that utilities perceive within wastewater innovation in addition to the financial, procurement, and system-specific variances driving digital adoption.

Accelerating Outcomes

The project allowed the client to reevaluate its product line business model, navigate its market approach for wastewater utilities using identified prioritizing criteria, and identify optimization opportunities in product offering, client targeting, and sales strategy. 

Helping companies navigate the water landscape

Whether you’re focused on transformational technologies and regulatory developments or looking for third-party validation to enter or understand an established space, Bluefield’s team of water experts has the depth in industry expertise and contacts to fit your needs.