Developing a Business Strategy for the PFAS Remediation Market in Select U.S. States


Helping an environmental and construction firm gain a competitive edge in understanding PFAS action in select states

The Challenge

An environmental engineering and construction firm with a client base primarily in the Western U.S. sought an advantage over its competitors in understanding the likelihood of necessary PFAS action in select states to build out its remediation business. 

Bluefield Engagement

Bluefield created a tiered and prioritized list of over 100 municipal and industrial locations across multiple states for the client to target by PFAS risk based on the status of current and pending state policy indicators, PFAS contamination levels, geological factors, and proximal project reference points. 

Accelerating Outcomes

The client was provided with a data-backed business development list for PFAS remediation mapped to entry points corresponding to its business development timeline, with supporting information on bid processes and competitor projects.  

Helping companies navigate the water landscape

Whether you’re focused on transformational technologies and regulatory developments or looking for third-party validation to enter or understand an established space, Bluefield’s team of water experts has the depth in industry expertise and contacts to fit your needs.